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The new DIVE album "Where Do We Go From Here?", from Dirk Ivens in collaboration with Jan Dewulf (Your Life On Hold and Diskonnekted), is set to be released on 11 December 2020 on the German label Out Of Line.
It will be available as regular CD and as a wooden box, limited to 500 copies, including the album on vinyl, the CD and an exclusive vinyl EP with extended versions and remixes from Numb and Suicide Commando.


Dive / Absolute Body Control / Motor!k / Sonar / ex - The Klinik

Apart from being well known as one of the founding members of The Klinik and for his one man performances as Dive, armed with a mini disc, megaphone and 2 strobocopes, Dirk Ivens has proven worldwide on many stages that often less means more.

Collaborations with musicians like Eric van Wonterghem, Ivan Iusco, Rafael M. Espinosa and Jan Dewulf made the Dive sound variable through the years. Projects like the minimal synthpop of Absolute Body Control, the noisy face to face beats of Sonar and the hypnotic krautrock rhythms of Motor!k prove this statement.


Motor!k - 3

LP + CD / CD
Out Of Line
May 2022

Jenn Vix & Dirk Ivens - Fuck, Rinse, Repeat

Jenn Vix & Dirk Ivens
Fuck, Rinse, Repeat
Nov 2021

Absolute Body Control - Lost/Found

Absolute Body Control
4xLP Box / 2xCD
Jul 2021



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